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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Friday, July 02, 2004...

Another day...

In Gob's Bog

Another day in Gob's life, a sojourn in the Bog
Unnoticed passes existence, no limelight does it hog

Thick and mossy the sky appears, as eyes glance beyond
A patch of blue they thirst for, obscured by a hungry frond

A meaning Gob doth seek to ease this wretched trek
Sometimes darkness descends heavy, robbing every feck

Yet some days dawn bright and gay tolling bells ring out
Doom is banished away and hope completes a rout

Fury lashes, voices scatter, and finally end with a splash
Into the prey's consciousness, a wafting scent doth dash

An evil smile spreads over Gob's face, wily and twisted
It's time to relish forbidden fruits, get unknowns listed ...