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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Saturday, July 24, 2004...

The Arctic Warrior

At Gob's door...

Tindling Ting Ting Ta Ring goes Gob's doorbell
How different in their cadence, from the tolling knell!

The arctic warrior from the northern lands has chosen this day
To descend from his icy abode and come the boggy way

As Gob ushers him in, he gives his radiant cheerful smile
His deep blue eyes reflect Gob's face, devoid of any guile

No new news but of the Grauballine flight, but Gob is still delighted
The warrior's dulcet tones make interesting, even topics blighted

As he speaks, his deep blue eyes sparkle with a lambent light
His narration makes even awry things seem perfectly right!

Ah! But a new bit of information makes Gob's ears prick up
As Gob hears, his brew spills over from the ceramic cup

Seems the robbers of the rubbery beast were back at the crack of dawn
Hunting through the bog for something lost, seen by Gob's friend John

Searching furiously, they had ripped through curtains of boggy green
By the warrior's description, to Gob, they seemed ruthless & pretty mean

The warrior now hands over to Gob, a shining round disc
Rainbow lights spring off it in a coloured pattern, brisk

It seems he had found it in his icy domain, a few moons ago
Wedged in between the jagged rims of a massive floe

Now he gifts it to Gob with his characteristic beaming grin
Gob cannot help but smile at the little dimple on his chin

What does one do with a shiny disc?, Gob now secretly wonders
But one doesn't carp when one gets a gift from generous Alexanders!

They have some cookies from Gob's kitchen, plum flavoured and sugar free
Better to abstain, than court a disease that wins the pathological grand prix!

The arctic warrior now takes leave and floats off to boggy domains
The Bog has been made extra-slushy by yesterday's heavy rains

Now Gob has an additional reason to be curious about the purple thing
Gob is sure now that it was the reason for the robbers' newest boggy fling