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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Thursday, July 01, 2004...

Blogging on Gob's Bog

Why such a tongue twisting name? Well, life as I know it
is so uncannily similar to a Bog.

Still, why a "Bog"?, the persistent ones among you
might ask.

I answer with verse:

Carefully one treads in life, just as it is
Sucked in quickly, though contrary we may wish

Unpredictable as a bog, it does seem now and then
Predictable it was, though you can't remember when

Life abounds, and so does weary death
Cased in a brown and stained old breath

Stagnating and acidic; teeming with menace
On the surface though it seems, delicate as a lace

Flowers with colour and a charming queer smell
Get pricked by one and in your eyes, tears swell

Bouncing with vitality, appearances are fake
Beneath you find carcasses embalmed at stake

O persistent querying soul, did you find your response?
Lean back if you did, and in your couch be ensconced