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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Thursday, July 29, 2004...

The Blue Scroll

A Gob's Eye View

Too much of ranting, now its time for some intrigue
Were ye not on the brink of a prosodic fatigue?

Gob's scroll lies waiting, beckoning thy eyes
Who knows what awaits in its powdery blue guise!

Gob's eager attention, it holds for pretty long
Bewitching Gob with its remote & arcane song

Funny rows of runic symbols are scattered as if in code
Could it be an esoteric attempt at penning an ode?

Gob's brows knit in an attempt to decipher it all
It now seems as tough as spotting ferns in the fall

On the background of blue is a bizarre pattern
Could it have been borrowed from the crypts of Wyvern?

Thin lines and thick lines of varied colours
Were they a part of secluded abstruse contours?

In the middle is a black script circled in red
Could it be the beginning of a ciphered thread?

A myriad of puzzles now seep into Gob's consciousness
Probably their answer lies hidden in an obscure recess

We will trust Time again to unravel their yarn
Exit now through Gob's carved lair door, cedarn