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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Tuesday, July 27, 2004...

The Bog-Long Itch...

Musings On Being "Different"

The light blue roll lies waiting, its mysteries shrouded in time
Gob eagerly unrolls it and finally, gets off the placid dime

Isn't it so irritating when things get postponed like they do?
Really want to do something?, Get a million other chores to woo!

When you want to sleep in the morn, "well-wishers" think you are sick
When you want to work at night, they tell you not to light the wick!

Conventions of this ridiculous world are so hard to understand
If Gob or me had our way, we would wave 'em off with a wand!

Alas we suffer from the same old fatal malady,
Squeezing ourselves into shape to pay the usurious fee

So how do we change our patterns of action and assert our very soul?
That is such a hard question, it could figure in a global tough poll!

In a Bog where denizens think only about their next hearty meal
Gob is hopelessly stuck for aeons, a classic and real raw deal

To be different is a predicament, a jellyfish among crabby hogs
It is totally a class apart than being gifted with the ways of bogs

For, being gifted is simply being good or perfect in a banality
But being different is a curse that to the world appears as a frailty

A way out of mundane existence hardly ever presents itself
The only means of freedom appears to be clawing out the pelf