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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Thursday, July 22, 2004...

Bog-xotic Brew...

For the merry shrew!

Gob has had enough of poring over fine print
It's time now to brush off the gossamer of brain-lint

Cheers to that Bog-xotic aromatic dark brew
Which turns any snail into a rustling shrew

Slithers past the window and scoops up the purple thing
Heads deep into the lair towards the kitchen wing

Right to the stove where a kettle merrily steams
Rips open a packet of brew, bursting at its seams

Oh! To breathe in that heavenly, piquant heady scent
Feel so invigorated, close to a cent per cent!

For such is the power of the brew that Gob now drinks
Drives away sloth, that hankering after forty winks

Sipping it, Gob flips over the purple creature
It splits up again to reveal its hollow feature

In a corner is, rolled up, something powder blue
It doesn't look as if it were a mere blob of glue

As Gob probes further, the roll comes off loose
It unfurls a bit more with a gentle little whoosh

On it are lines, some dotted and some with colour
Series of symbols, some smaller and others taller

As Gob spreads it out fully over the kitchen table
The roll seems to spell out details of an arcane fable

Ah! But you my dear friend, have to wait a bit more
For Gob pauses now, hearing someone at the door!