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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Sunday, July 11, 2004...


In Gob's Bog

Meanwhile in the lair it is time to contemplate
As Gob's little mind decides whether to get up late

But as Gob slumps back lazily into the fluffy bed
Sees the odd thing by the window, a queer shade of red

Oh Right! Gob did have the better part of the day
To explore the contents of the purple castaway

But now as the light comes streaming into the little abode
At the door comes knocking the news-mongering horde

Now Gob has to get up and walk by the window
With a small bunch of sphagnum streamers in tow

Yep! Those are what Gob makes, to barter for news
The streamers help Gob trade in the world views

As Gob walks by the window, another head pops up
Peeps in at the window and asks Gob, "What's Up?"

Oh dear! Gob now wishes there were no windows and doors
The portals to a stream of pesky badgering rumour-whores

The newest head is of Meanie - The epitome of gossip
Sometimes Gob wished Meanie were castigated by a whip!

Alas! Gob is an observant mild-mannered introvert
Knows very well that belaboring someone would only subvert

All vestiges of conscience and all thoughts of reform
Could anticipate respect melting and hate entering in a swarm

One who is given to vice, cannot be contained with wrath
A little wisdom is needed before you enter the warpath

Think clearly of who your enemy really is
Are they worth spoiling your two cents worth of bliss?

If not, then why waste your precious energy in haste?
A future lies in store with many more pleasures ahead to taste

So Gob exchanges with Meanie some meaningless pleasantry
Moves ahead to hear about news of the happenings, in the hours wee

The News-Mongers are waiting in an impatient mood
They are part of a young and restless boggy brood

Shutting the door, a big screaming headline, Gob now confronts
Grauballes' cousin is indeed missing, from amongst the boggy fronds!

1 Reflections :

Anonymous Anonymous reflected...

"Sometimes Gob wished Meanie were castigated by a whip!"

Images of Dark Priestesses and wild Semi-Dragons cross my mind in a mixture of sadistical pleasure and painful horror.

The water of life extends its wings and fly to the land of the thousand gods, searching for a healer who shares the love for the white rat.

9:54 AM

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