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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Monday, July 05, 2004...

Gob Explores...

In a boggy lair...

A long slither takes Gob to the dark little lair
It is Gob's home in the midst of the Boggy mire

All that wet weather outside makes Gob rage and fume
It makes an already funereal Bog, look more like a tomb

Once inside, Gob scrutinizes the odd purple booty
Licks it a bit to find that it tastes a bit salty & sooty

It is shaped in a shape that Gob has never known
As Gob tries to figure it out, forehead wrinkles into a frown

On its purple surface it has an interesting little part
It shimmers in rainbow colours, here and there they dart

As Gob pries more, the purple thing breaks suddenly in two
It has a hollow inside with a roll of something light blue

Oh! The mystery deepens, Gob thinks what in the Bog it could be
Can't guess as to what this thing is except, its not a living flea

Let us part for today and join Gob at the break of another dawn
In this tale of life as a bog there are many who play the pawn