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On a Boggy Saturday, July 31, 2004...

Gob's still on it...

Perseverance Pays ?

Past noon in the Bog, and the wasps are droning
Gob's little stomach is miserably moaning

But Gob heeds not, its lamenting cry
Pores over the scroll steadily, aiming high

Doggedly scrutinizes its every single part
Including the red circled script in its heart

It seems, however, to make no sense at all
Baffled Gob is, without any wherewithal

Perseverance, they say, pays in the end
Echo it to make lazy souls, their ways, mend

Sometimes however 'tis not the case
Whatever you do, failure licks your face

Follows you through hours of your toil
Whatever you do, its doggedness, you fail to foil!

So what do you do then? Do you sigh & accept it?
Drop resignedly and end up in the morose pit?

Of course not, you try and you try, till your chin is finally up
Whoop wildly & rush to celebrate with a champagne cup !

For all the failure licks are well worth their price
Roll without fail and land the 'six' in the dice

Sweet indeed is the glorious sight of success
After all, you escape the dreadful failure mess

Life anywhere and in Gob's Bog is almost the same
A rose and a fern are themselves, whatever their name

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