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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Friday, July 09, 2004...

The hunter from beyond...

John rules the skies from his eyrie above
A sharp pair of eyes beneath his bushy brow

A visage as keen as it is indomitably fierce
Talons so well-honed, easily could they pierce

The toughest of hides, in the bloodiest of savage battles
Be it a nimble-footed hare or the threat of serpentine rattles

Gob once had had a chance to see 'em up close
After all Gob was one of John's oldest foes

But Gob's erudition won over John, ever so grudgingly
For Gob faced the winged beast who made pettier mortals flee

John had a vivid taste of Gob's fiery eloquence
Was surprised since his quarries were mostly rather dense

Gifted Gob with life in return for his passionate plea
It was indeed, for a mere speech, a highly valued fee

And so, the hunter's war-cries float down from the skies
To swiftly prey on liars and crooks; rid the Bog of their lies...