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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Tuesday, July 06, 2004...

An Infernal Vision...

In Gob's Lair...

So we return even before the dawn breaks
The Bog's unending thirst, the stubborn rain slakes

Pitter Patter is not definitely the sound it makes
Slosh Slooosh is what one hears, if one suddenly wakes

We softly peep in through Gob's little lair door
Fast asleep is Gob, dreaming about some lore

Into Gob's dreams we enter silent and light
Whom does Gob usually have in nightly visions to fight?

A purple haze fills the high-roofed arena
Gob is in court under a subpoena

The Judge peers at Gob through glasses a mile deep
He probably believes what you sow is what you reap

But what has poor Gob sown to deserve this?
A courtroom dream to disturb Gob's sleepy bliss

Clipetty Clipetty Clop, big boot steps resound
Along with the ruthless braying of a police hound

A huge swarthy officer brings in some more evidence
The court is further enveloped in purple putrid incense

Gob meanwhile is almost ready to violently puke
Couldn't care less if that were in presence of a duke

Senses assailed by the obnoxious scent
By the shrieking belch of Gob, the air around is rent

The officer meanwhile has unsheathed the evidence
Then withdraws to lean by the court's corner fence

On the wooden table-top right in the middle
The purple alien from the bog lies fit as a fiddle

Gob's eyes bob in and out in utmost bulging horror
As, at the purple nemesis Gob stares in terror

From the back of the court comes a collective gasp
Several voices chatter in a very excited rasp

The Judge gets up, disgusted by the scene
He is pretty massive and far from being lean

He thinks some and then raises his infernal mallet
But as he does his hand suddenly seems to miss his wallet

The mallet hovers unceremoniously over the table in mid-air
The Judge seethes, however the chatterers don't seem to care

Gob cowers with fright in the malefactor box
Sweat runs down profusely and soaks Gob's socks

Suddenly the whole court spins to a whirl
The purple haze vanishes with a little twirl

Gob wakes up from a nightmarish trip
Licks over slowly a very dry lower lip

In the dim light of the wet and early dawn
Gob then hears the cries of the hunter, John