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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Sunday, July 18, 2004...

Pages Within

Gob's Newspaper!

So Grauballes' cousin had vanished into the world unknown
Gone on a permanent vacation without a holiday loan

The report debates the future of the bog, without
But within Gob's mind it finds no resonating shout

How ironic, Gob thinks, that his presence made no news
But now that he was gone forever, it took on vivid hues!

How insane the bog was, to take little notice of souls
When they were very much present, and not absent like ghouls

Funny how the world in general, though bustling with incessant life
Thrusts the living into oblivion until they are murdered with a knife

Oh well, thinks Gob, and turns to the page beyond
Stares at a full page feature of a gullible bog-soul conned

Everyday it was the same, some new victim notwithstanding
The name of the publication could very well be, "Injustice Unending"!

Flipping a few more sheets brings Gob to the world page
Here is a riveting profile of an extra-boggy wise sage

It seems the sage could remember happenings, a century old
A blurry picture shows the sage, sitting with a cross-legged fold

Wearing garments of Crimson, hair heaped to a curly bun
The sage's face is serenity itself, a smile radiant as the sun

"Peace", the sage, it seems said, "is so hard to come by."
"Yet the world flirts with war, a despicably big lie!"

"Greed drives all the souls in it, blinding them to simple love
They burn and plunder, and in the end, kick out the olive carrying dove."

As Gob contemplates this little message with a stream of thoughts
Flips the page again to come to the favourite game of "Join The Dots"!

Grabs a soggy pencil and traces the unknown outline
Is disgusted beyond words when it takes a shape, Grauballine!

Can't help wondering if there's a limit at all, to this unhealthy obsession?
Debating to death a long-gone soul, it seems, is the next big boggy passion!