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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Sunday, July 04, 2004...

The Purple Stranger...

Enters The Bog !

As Gob peers hard through the failing light
At the source of the scent so intoxicatingly right

Eyes grow wider and keener by the seconds
Must be somethin' good or so Gob reckons

Straining are Gob's Pupils in their diametric might
Bewildered Gob is, as it comes within sight

In the midst of all that wild boggy bushy muck
Lies a purple creature shaped very unlike a duck

Gob slithers closer and eyebrows shoot higher
Grauballes' cousin has been smuggled out the mire!

Pity overwhelms Gob for that misshapen rubbery beast
He who rested for long and troubled no one in the least

For a moment Gob forgets the purple interloper
Not unlike the distracted worried housekeeper

For Gob sees the muddy trail that leads out the Bog
Thinks, it's very unlikely that the beast went for a jog !

Thinking so, Gob turns, and eyes catch sight again
Of the queer little purple alien in the pouring rain

It has not moved , nopes, not even an inch
Gob thinks of giving it an almighty pinch

Its scent is fast vanishing in the wetness of the Bog
Gob hears the approaching rant of Meanie -The Frog

If Gob wants to know the mystery of the purple guest
The best now would be to avoid the froggy pest

In the recklessness of the moment impatient Gob hurries
Hides the purple stranger under his hood and scurries