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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Saturday, July 03, 2004...

A Scented Hunt...

Through The Bog

As Gob tracks near, a crack of vicious light
Strikes close by, leaving Gob's heart in fright

What Gob fears is not the luminous threat
The Bog excels in getting unpleasantly wet

Makes moving difficult, makes life messy
Ruins one's attire, especially when its dressy

Gob's little bag with its silver spoon and fork
Rattles a bit as it brushes by the Bog folk

"Meanie, The Nut" - a frog to be precise
Looks in awe at "Gob, The Vile & The Wise"

But today is not the day for trifling little banter
No time to lend an ear to the puny measly ranter

For the scent draws very near, enticingly warm
The big splash still echoes, the Bog rippling in form

Parting the heavy curtains of thick spaghnum velvet
What Gob beholds is withheld for morrow, don't fret!