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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Saturday, August 14, 2004...

A Coal Sketch

On the grainy newsprint, is a sprawling image
Taking up, in black and white, the paper's acreage

Underneath a caption screams, "Trail Of Grauballe"
Followed by an eloquent, and wordy long essay

May be, to a Bog Soul, it might not have accounted for much
However, it holds Gob, by the hair, in its stirring clutch

The image is just a grayscaled bit, of the mysterious blue scroll
It seemed as if someone had scrawled it, with a piece of coal

But Gob does note that something is terribly amiss
Besides the colour, the markings, as in the original, just don't exist!

2 Reflections :

Blogger the butler reflected...

Hello Gob,

Twas a masterfully literate piece methinks. Nothing explained with the clarity of a photograph. Nary a word to extrapolate the detail of the image which causes such consternation. Well done my wondrous friend. In mine own imaginations I give life to the image, I fill in the dots which serve to clarify the identity of such a fiend. How am I to recognize it's shape? What will I name it? I am not certain of the exactness of my imagery, however it serves to add depth to your intentional absence.

I count myself a great admirer of your craft dear Gob!

the butler

7:21 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Dear Monarch of the Citadel, welcome to my little mire.
Glad to note that thee escaped, unharmed from the wave-lashed spire!

I have to admit, that thy creative logs indeed spin an elaborate web
So detailed in their intricate filigree, that abstraction seems to ebb!

7:39 AM

Your thoughts?

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