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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Thursday, August 05, 2004...

Crow's Feet

Among The Stars

The Bog is verdant underfoot, with tessellated vines
They creep and twist on its floor, cloaking the peat mines

Gob dreamily staring and marvelling at José's smiles
Trips now over one of these, treacherous Boggy tiles

Down, down, down, the drop goes on forever
Till Gob comes to lie facing the star spangled sparver

The vast welkin seems to be alight with them tonight
Dotted and milky, strewn with gems sparkling bright

Wispy clouds, who'd rather not come down as rain
Float around playfully, amidst the giant astral chain

For Gob's eyes, a panoramic accidental feast
Who could care about getting up now, in the least?!

Tracing majestic outlines, Gob now espies
Orion, with his panoply, raging in the skies

Does not the hunter's eyes twinkle with merriment?
Jagged wisps of crow's feet adorn his lineament!

What a delightful trick of nebular illusion!
A minute of fantasy; a joyous delusion!