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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Tuesday, August 03, 2004...

Dear Danny...

Gob writes to say...

Gob curiously picks up the mail; who in the Bog could it be?
The letter, as it is flipped, gives a faint scent of the salty sea

In neat flowing alphabets in blue ink, it spells out a familiar name
Ah! Gob is relieved that it is not spam, or a weird guessing game!

Danny, The Poet, writes from an exotic land, beyond the great blue sea
For Gob, stuck for aeons in the Bog, it's not at all an event, wee!

Breaks open the seal with unstifled haste, as excited little eyes seek
Musings of tragic verse, unexampled, even in classical Greek

As Gob scans through Danny's letter, disappointment creeps right in
The Poet has written in to say his journal would now, only hit the trash bin!

The reasons he gives are even worse; he actually thinks it's boring!
Oh for the love of the Bog, does he not see that it sends imaginations soaring?!

Gob grabs the soggy pencil and furiously scribbles out a reply
Such matters are not to be ignored, or left off with only a sigh

Dear Danny
, Gob writes, ...And how do you do today?
Hope the cheerful sun in the sky hit you with its sparkling ray!

Nasty things in life abound, which might make us very sore
Many souls and circumstances which make us rage like a boar

But giving up writing is not a cure for such coughs and hiccups
For, writing is truly an art which perseveres through downs & ups

In dealings with your wild world, you've no doubt been bruised
Your verse is your weapon against those, by whom you've been used!

You fear, if your decision were revoked, you would be "perceived as a liar"?
That is so entirely laughable, it sounds funny even in my gloomy mire!

Do you even know how many of us fans are out here waiting for your prose?
So we could do our best to cheer you on and, to your life, raise a hearty toast!

According to a little snippet I read, there are two Billion souls on the web
A miniscule of 'em had had a chance to read you and yet, you choose to ebb?!

"Attention Seeking", you say; young sir, you definitely are NOT!
Do you go about the lair-tops screaming that you are about to get shot?!

Worse, do you go about mailing spam highlighted in sickly yellow?
Or do you secretly combine nitroglycerine with inflammable tallow?!

To hell with the judgmental idiots; your life is, but your own
Leave 'em to rot till their carcasses turn a grauballine roan

The beauty of life, my dear friend, lies not in finding sorrow
Do what you can today and forget it 'cause there is still a morrow

If you have to toil and sell your soul to make it, in your brutal world
Don't you repent 'cause it has long been, that with lady luck, you twirled

For, she is a fanciful mistress and also a fickle-minded old dame
When you think least about her, she'll be back in your game!

Cheer up Danny boy, the toads in the Bog are a dancing
Rework all your strategies and learn some crafty romancing

Your journal is your friend through the thick and thin of your blood
Don't abandon it, especially now; don't give in to a grumpy flood!

Fight back & drive those demons of doubt far away, into gloom
They'll never dare to come back to you; they'll crash to their doom!