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On a Boggy Tuesday, August 17, 2004...

Gob Is Googlified!

Does Gob want style or substance?

Big words, complicated style; that's the way it was
The essay below, much to Gob's disgust, was filled with unbelievable gloss!

It began nowhere, it lead nowhere, it just went around in circles
It could very well have been a monograph, about sea-faring barnacles!

Who wrote this piece of junk?; how in the bog, was it published?
It looked as though every sentence was left, intentionally unfinished!

It wasn't related to the coal sketch above, neither did it give a faint clue
It just specialized in jumping, it seemed, to unrelated topics like a kangaroo!

Not unlike the new Google Navbar, which adorns the space above
For it, I'm sure Gob doesn't have, even a shred of lost love!

The essay, as well as the Google Navbar, don't really do their job
No proper references, no comprehensive search, just the presence of a snob

Of what use is an essay, which defeats its own cause?
Just a waste of acreage and an irreplaceable time loss!

Why peruse the essay or for that matter, the new Navbar?
When alternatives exist, far better than an empty cookie jar!?

12 Reflections :

Blogger anti reflected...

did not notice it until I read the postem (my word for your style)
Doesn't look too bad.

12:20 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Thanks to the Arsenal legionnaire, for stepping in and dropping a thought,
I agree, the Navbar isn't that obvious, for me to have fiercely fought!

But it did make for some very interesting prosodizing fuel,
Who can deny that courting controversy, is a poet's daily gruel?

1:34 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Postem ?!, that's an ingenious coinage, you sure have a knack with words,
What with Trini style, a darkly humorous wit, you slice 'em by the thirds!

1:44 PM
Blogger 1beb reflected...

Substance is always my preference. But then again I'm one of those realists with an optimistic perspective - contradictory as that might be.

I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the nice comments on my blog (www.bertelsen.ca). Regarding my war with the blashpemous nicotine demon - it's not going well. Although, I have considerably cut down in comparison to how it was originally. I'm still trying. It's a proven fact that the more often you try the more likely you are to succeed.

Also, about the link, you should know better ( you never have to ask a fellow blogger if you can link to them! Of course you can! )

Lastly - a suggestion: You need some contact information on your blog I would have preffered to send you a personalized message rather than post a mostly off topic comment to a wonderful article.

On topic now, yes I agree, the navbar is worthless. I'm sure they'll find a javascript hack sooner or later ;)

2:29 PM
Blogger 1beb reflected...

oh, and since you were complaining, the best I can do for now is to give you a little something something for your google header problems...

#b-logo{display: none
#b-navbar{display: none !important;}
#b-search{display: none !important;}

I'll post a js script later that removes the graphic entirely.

I have to go fix my gf's site now also ;)

3:04 PM
Blogger Corey reflected...

Hi! I would like to thank you for your help with setting up my blog. It's very appreciated!


5:25 PM
Blogger 1beb reflected...

Yes, well it was considerably easier than I thought to remove the Navbar...

check out what I did here

Remove the Google Navbar from Blogspot hosting

3:36 AM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Dear 1beb,
I really appreciate your dropping by my little bog.
Your reflection was profound enough to spur me on to
a lyrical reply which was so long, I made it today's
post. :D However, I'm not done with the entire reply yet.
The third page in Gob's Newspaper will have more
reflections on the Nicotinic Threat. ;)

Thanks a lot for the Navbar workaround, but on second
thoughts, I think I do like the "Blog This" button,
(you were right in saying it's a tool of discovery)
so I'm going to try and hide just the other buttons,
with your code above (Does it work that way?).

Thanks for your profile suggestion too.(I never
really thought anyone would bother checking it
out. :D)

11:28 AM
Blogger Gob reflected...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:34 AM
Blogger 1beb reflected...

Blogthis! Javascript Bookmarklet

1:12 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Oops! I didn't mean "Blog This", I actually
meant "Next Blog". *goes rather red* Contrary, to
what that might've actually meant, my bog cannot
have excerpts from other blogs unless they are
lyrical.What an insane mistake. *LOL*

2:11 PM
Blogger cafeRg reflected...

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Or beauty is only skin deep. First impressions last. But beauty is worthless without a heart.

Tough question but most likely they wont be back unless you have substance but if your skin is smelly and dirty they might not care what you have to say.

Gob you are doing a great job here ..its really coming together sweetly.

5:58 PM

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