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On a Boggy Wednesday, August 18, 2004...

Gob Reflects On Bertelsen's Thoughts...

...and on some boggy economics

Leaving the essay, Gob flips the page
Responding to flippancy, with a justifiable rage

Comes upon a gem of an article, which sends thoughts flying
A piece of exquisite utility, a lease for the dying!

Bertelsen, the savvy epitome of perfection
He, whose name alone, would serve as an apt description

Whose journals on the web, blaze time itself
Writes today, and his words just leap from the shelf

For, words well written, often have the best impact
They value substance, and don't distort a fact

Substance, as one may or may not agree
Comes in many ways, but always for a fee.

Style on the other hand is actually cheap
Afforded, even by the poorest of sheep

Why?, you may ask, doesn't it sound contrary?
If you asked that, you do yourself credit; being wary

How much do we pay for the love that we receive?
From dear ones, from friends, even from a pet peeve.

We pay a lot, my dear friend, we pay with the mind
Loving them back, we pay quite richly in kind

"Ha!", you may still argue, "Not a penny departed my purse!"
Halt right there, Gob has plenty to say about that infernal curse!

Why do we measure everything in a monetary balance?
Has money in itself got some chemically attractive valence?

That, we talk about it frequently, and passionately so
Other topics get from us, a priority quite low!

One defiant voice shouts, "Gob! Money even makes the mayor go!"
"Why, I can use it to effectively bribe you or the venal foe!"

Keep silent, dear friend, the Bog has no use for such cash inflow
That, you make such assertions, and spell them out, cheekily so!

Substance takes many forms, love not being alone
In each, when compared, style is a cheaper clone

Be it the Google Navbar or the flimsy essay
Everywhere, style comes off, cheaper in pay

For, however snazzy the vehicle may be
Style cannot, a performance, guarantee

The same can be said of a thoughtfully given gift
Would you rather have use for it, or through its packing, sift?

Everyday, we are lured to our decisions
Deceived by appearances, led by our faulty visions

But do we ever, Gob wonders, stop to analyse?
That, trusting style over substance, cannot be very wise?

There is, however, an occasional shining ray
When, this theory, in practice gives way

Along with the shine of style, sometimes substance is chanced
A moment of discovery, when the unknown is romanced

But, Gob concludes, such moments are rare indeed
Like precious flowers, overrun by a bed of weed

Ambiguous, though it may seem, Gob chuckles
A mischievous gleam, in Gob's eyes, twinkles

Stops and stoops to smell the aromatic flower
I think Gob will keep it, though not its entire bower!

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Blogger Gob reflected...

Dear 1beb,
I really appreciate your dropping by my little bog.
Your reflection was profound enough to spur me on to
a lyrical reply, which was so long, I made it today's
post. :D However, I'm not done with the entire reply yet.
The third page in Gob's Newspaper will have more
reflections on the Nicotinic Threat. ;)

Thanks a lot for the Navbar workaround, but on second
thoughts, I think I do like the "Blog This" button,
(you were right in saying it's a tool of discovery)
so I'm going to try and hide just the other buttons,
with your code above (Does it work that way?).

Thanks for your profile suggestion too.(I never
really thought anyone would bother checking it
out. :D)

11:37 AM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Please read "Blog This" as "Next Blog".
"Blog This" has precious little use
in a bog. :P

2:17 PM
Blogger 1beb reflected...

Random Blog
Bookmark this link and add it to your links toolbar ;)

2:57 PM
Blogger bigfigure reflected...

Geezzz..how and where did you learn to write like this? Anyway, thanks for dropping by my site:)

8:45 PM
Blogger anti reflected...

spent a lot of time reading this today, not to mention clicking on all those links.
One of your best.

2:00 PM

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