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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Saturday, August 07, 2004...

Icarus At Night...

Spellbound by the deep blue wealth of the skies
Unwilling to leave, bewitched Gob lies

Gazing through the stardust, with enchanted eyes
Gob's soul is imbued, with their myriad dyes

As the landscape of the heavens, enthralls the mind
Unexplored niches, Gob's eyes, ceaselessly find

Whizzing giant dragons, blinking little tots
Falling graceful angels, seven-rayed dots

Luminous greens and vibrant new violets
Merge into blues and celestial epaulets

The angel of sleep now graces the screen
Serenades the clouds, in a robe of aquamarine

Gob's eyelids droop, as wings sprout from behind
Wave about and flutter, like a venetian blind

As Gob soars off, into the land of the nine Gods
Helios and the Moon applaud, and wave their magic rods!