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On a Boggy Tuesday, August 24, 2004...


Gob peers within...

Debating universal trends, may sound very fine
But has Gob ever tried to look inside, and seek an outline?

I'm afraid, that has rarely crossed Gob's mind
But now that it does, surprisingly, Gob does find

A soul inured to the bog's bizarre ways
A spirit blind to hope's illuminating rays

For, as Corey says, so blunted is our faculty
We have ceased to use it, under a myopic fealty

Given in to the misery of a sightless existence
Without even realizing its festering purulence

So caught up are we, that we resignedly accept
Every fad in the air, as a controlling precept

So eager to conform, so easily lead astray
The little stifled soul inside, has lost its way

When good thoughts come by, we do get inspired
But the moment passes so quickly, we forget what transpired

The dull lead of burden, comes to rest instead
In our heart, in our work, in each homestead

So reflects Gob, and wonders, if there is a cure?
Can we ever go back, to a state more pure?

Where we are free to think, what we really want to
And not what we are fed forcibly, immured in an unlit zoo

Not what catches the fancy, of a mass of mindless sheep
The cattle will move on soon, and leave us to weep

Their influence may be unseen, but insidious all the same
Seeping into the spirit, like a smouldering flame

That is not life, Anti; just a well-disguised prison
That we have created for ourselves, for want of a vision

It is time for Gob, to work around this handicap
Time for rebuilding and getting past the energy sap

And so will it, for all the dear friendly souls, Gob hopes
Time to see the bog anew, through colorful kaleidoscopes! :)

5 Reflections :

Blogger anti reflected...

'twas maybe the link
but that was your best I think.

Geesh, I'll leave gobbing to the professionals.

3:08 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Ah! The graceful Cygnet flies by my home
Thy verse has been captured in the whispering dome!

4:00 PM
Blogger anti reflected...

Gob, sorry to use the comments as a chat board, but do me a favour please. I added the pop-up titles to my links to give people an idea where they're going. I used 'insightful poetry' for yours, but I prefer the site owners authored the description.
Think about it and give me two or three words that best describe your blog, or you...

6:08 PM
Blogger Corey reflected...

"...so blunted is our faculty
We have ceased to use it, under a myopic fealty"
see.. thats what i was going to say to begin with, but the um.. power went out? and then I lost it and then I also forgot what I wrote and then I so I just wrote that other... thing.


8:49 AM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Lost in thought, the philosopher, dipped his nib in ink,
What he penned, seemed to lose its thread, the words; he saw 'em sink

To Gob, however, they made perfect sense, clear as a sunny day
So Gob built some verse around it and went the Corey way!

3:24 PM

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