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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Monday, August 09, 2004...

Its Tough...

To sleep on a bed of moss!

It's past midnight and the Bog crickets are wailing
In dark purple puddles, queer insects are sailing

Gob awakens with a jolt, to realize
That, sleeping out in the open, has its price

Nasty little creepies have crawled up Gob's face
Licking every feature and finding their spiral ways

The heavy green moss from the boggy bed
Sticks persistently, to the back of Gob's head

To make it worse, a light drizzle has started
The clear deep blue, from the sky, has departed

Getting wet is one thing that Gob can't bear
So finally, Gob gets up and hurries to the lair

It's been a long day and Gob longs for a cup of brew
Something to eat would be very welcome too

But who will now go and fire up the cooking stove?
Cut up the veggies and grind up the clove?

Gob isn't inclined at all to work up a sweat
When one is extremely tired, hunger is easy to forget