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On a Boggy Thursday, August 12, 2004...

Morning Blues...

...And a shock!

How does one cope up with the morning blues?
Gob's mind is filled with contradictory views

Should Gob get up now and start the daily grind
Or stay in bed and, for an hour more, unwind?

Knock Knock, the doornail sounds; the mongers are here
What's Gob to do now, but answer; what a fate! Oh dear!

The streamers are exchanged for the roll of news
Today the mongers also deliver a packet of fresh brews

Ah! Surely a sign that Gob should shake out of sloth
Fix a hearty breakfast and shake up the table cloth

So humming a piece of melody, picked up from a boggy jaunt
Gob drags aching feet to the familiar morning haunt

The kitchen has been sleeping for almost a day now
Gob presently bustles around it, and indolence takes a bow

Finally, the kettle is whistling and the morning meal is done
Gob settles down at the table and chews on butter and bun

Why not join the dots today and see what the sage has to say?
Gob thinks, and unfurls the paper, but is blown away!

The front page of the paper leaps to Gob's consciousness
Whatever sloth was hidden inside, now makes a speedy egress!

4 Reflections :

Blogger Bonewalker reflected...

Hey Gobs,

I like Saturday Morning Blues. I have felt those before, only not just on Saturdays. :)

Thanks for the link to my site! I appreciate it.

BTW...why is it green and stricken? Is it sick? :)

Oh yeah, Chapter Six is up. Ha, I was about to type the URL, but you have a link, right on the page. Dumas.


8:22 PM
Blogger Bonewalker reflected...

Saturn's Morning Blues, I meant.

8:23 PM
Blogger Bonewalker reflected...

Ok, I'm confused. I was looking a the second post, but responding to the latest. So sorry. Delete all of these bogus comments from me...please? :)

8:25 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Oh talented littérateur, thee are welcome to my Bog
I roll out my green moss carpet, for many a log

Thine are always gladly received and placed high in regard
Wouldn't mind even if thee left, a hundred more, around my yard!

As for the green links, the CSS needs a little tuning work
I'm sure the link would be better looking, the next time thee lurk ;)

Thy ardent fan

10:45 AM

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