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On a Boggy Saturday, August 28, 2004...

A Nicotine Free World

...Gob's song of hope

Onwards to the third page of the fourth estate
A colourful little banner reflects from Gob's shiny pate

"A world, nicotine free", it merrily announces
That awful sooty pollution, it wordily trounces

Who is this eloquent and enlightened noble scribe?
Fearlessly battling against the odious nicotine tribe!

Who but Bertelsen, yet again, writing an ardent piece
With his persuasive style and cleverly penned litotes

One who has experienced the pain of being addicted
Only knows how hard it is to quit, and avoid being convicted

In the pathological court of fine tissue and blood
Nicotine wrecks havoc like a devastating flood

Soot, its ugly and filthy companion at arms
Spewing out the chimneys of evil fag farms

Together they slowly paint all the pinks to black
If one is not careful, one may hit the permanent sack

Ah! The defiant may bawl, it's just a fancy of the nerd
To make us smokers, behave like the rest of the herd

Oh! So if you are so unbelieving, go and dissect your lung
So black it will be, that you may forget what you ever loudly sung!

Along with the soot in the background, there will be cancers too
Malignantly swarming out and insanely devouring the tissue

Once poor blood, which was being enriched with oxygen
Now finds itself being stripped of it, by dragons in a sooty den

Twenty years and you will be coughing out in wrenching pain
Afflicted with COPD, your heart pump headed down the drain

But, it need not be so drastic and such bleak an end
If from nicotine slavery, you strengthen your will, to defend

Grit your teeth and pull out your sword to fight
Know that nicotine is wrong, and you are always right

Spare your loved ones, the sooty misery
Give the wretched fag up and set yourself free

In Gob's heart, this little refrain brightly resounds
"Put down the loathsome and depraved nicotine hounds!"

Oh so delightful, will be those smoke-free hours
Does it not now, find an echoing answer in yours?

2 Reflections :

Blogger 1beb reflected...

That's pretty cool... I wish I could ryhme like that. Hey maybe you're a poet and didn't know it? ( The only ryhme I'm capable of... Yes, I realize it's pathetic )


6:49 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

With your very eloquent posts, you don't need to rhyme
Their messages come through, as though etched out in lime!

1:38 AM

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