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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Monday, August 02, 2004...

The Ninth Sense

Gob's Art...

The fronds slowly weave together, almost magically, as one
Some ornately patterned after crescents, and still others, as the sun

Caressed by almost a divine touch, they flow out like a rivulet
Reflecting Gob's mood just as the waters mirror the sunset

In Gob's Bog there are nine senses. No, they don't come in fives!
The ninth one is kinesthetic, for which every Bog-soul strives

The sense of touch and of position, combined in a unique way
They open the window of the soul to every perceivable outlay

Before ye think it is a "gift" of birth, let me hurry & clarify
The ninth sense of the Bog is, by most, easily passed by

For, it comes with happiness and an extraordinary will to love
Thy work, spirit and most of all art, peerless as a pure white dove

The streamers are almost done now, they are hung by the window
Giving out the luscious perfume of a dew-soaked spring meadow

As Gob prepares to go back to the scroll, in peals a chime of tin
The passing night-mail-mobile chucks in a letter sealed with paraffin.