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On a Boggy Tuesday, August 10, 2004...

Saturn's Boggy Sojourn

In Gob's metaphysical world, we take a peek again
Journey to a reality, in a different ethereal plane

Though Gob sleeps peacefully, inside there is chaos
A huge saturnine visitor, is planted in a field of moss

Boggy creatures buzz around, in the aestival night
As, resplendent in a bluish glow, the guest arrests the sight

Smooth and shaped like a globe, streaked with pearly white
A encircling luminous ring levitates, in a size just right

Gob is among the multitudes, who have gathered around in awe
"Why has this thing come to our bog?", asks a yellow macaw

No-one knows the answer, no-one attempts a guess
Of this brilliant stranger to the Bog, no-one knows the address

Gob watches from a corner, and is puzzled as can be
Vaguely wonders how nice it would be to have a cup of tea!

The globe suddenly ruptures, sends out dazzling rays
They hit Gob piercingly and directly on the face

So intense is their brightness, that Gob can't stand the strain
Wakes up and sees the sunlight streaming, in from the window pane

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