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On a Boggy Saturday, August 21, 2004...

Thought For The Day...

.. Or Gob sees the dilemma, the cafeRg way.

Just as Gob's finicky mind decides to call it quits
Eyes stray over a piece of cafeRg's wits

In black letter, is, "cafeRg's Thought For The Day"
Fitted in neatly into the second page outlay

"No-one notices substance, if not for the style",
"Once they are hooked, though, substance wins the smile"

Gob wonders, just why this is universally true?
Is it so hard to give credit, where it is is due?

Why is it, that a mere shell, to us all, is so alluring?
Why do our senses ignore values, deeper and enduring?

3 Reflections :

Blogger anti reflected...

that's life mate. You need to be noticed before you're known...so to speak.

7:24 PM
Blogger eatinwokout reflected...

hey.. i had to reformat. would you mind emailing the code to me again? eatinwokout (at) gmail.com

8:08 PM
Blogger Corey reflected...

i dont think our senses ignore values its just us! We depend on sight so much that the other senses dont get used!

uuuuhhhhh... or something!

9:34 PM

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