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On a Boggy Tuesday, August 31, 2004...

Vicarious Villainy

Boggy highlight: The Jesse Factor

Gob now reaches the world page of the fourth estate,
The Boggy newspaper reports, an interesting date

With a rather innocuous curly haired kid
Donning a bandanna and an attitude, unlike Sid

Gob peers at the little chap and wonders a little
"Don't be fooled!", the headline goes, "He's bristly as a nettle!"

From taking on Presidential candidates, to trashing pop stars
He has done it all, and that too, without any flashy cars

Letting his virulent pen, run wildly amok
Giving all his peeves, an eye-bruising sock!

Spewing out acid, and glorifying free speech
Sucking out the blood from even a stray leech

However, Gob does note, Jesse never loses his humour
Even when spreading his tentacles, like a malignant tumour

An undercurrent of twisted wit, runs like a vine
Through his posts, which with polemic, entwine

Acerbic to the core, but engaging all the same
Wildly over the top and never quite tame

Intense, but yet loaded with muted sarcasm
Bridging the width of a dark, but expressive chasm

Hooking in interest, shocking another moment
Churning up the evil depths of an infernal ferment

For a fourteen year old, that's quite impressive
Gob thinks of penning him a lyrical missive

But bursts into a spate of uncontrollable chuckles
Reading yet another "Jessescapade" hanging by the buckles!

Yesterday it was a saintly sage, today its a winsome villain
That's Gob's world page for you, under a boggy fickle pen!

9 Reflections :

Blogger anti reflected...

Enjoyed this almost as much as Jesse's pic.
Great stuff mate, but you took a while to get this one posted.

4:22 PM
Blogger 1beb reflected...

I don't beleive it's a 14 year old. But that's just my opinion.

7:59 PM
Blogger Jesse reflected...

Don't believe that I'm 14?

What the fuck?

I have put up pictures of myself. Where the hell am I going to get 14 pictures of the same kid, with signs put up about my site, no less?

I assure you, I am 14 years old. I do in fact take it as a compliment. That means that I must be a tad more intelligent for my age. If you need someone ELSE to vouche for my age, let me know.

Anyway, Gob you wrote an AWESOME review/song about me. That is rad. I loved it.

8:51 PM
Blogger Tinker reflected...

Hard to believe he is 14 either...as up on all the issues as he is. More power to him.

2:45 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Glad that all of you kind spirits, dropped by my little mire
The gloomy bog just looks better and I can hear a sweet lyre!

4:42 PM
Blogger Me reflected...

My question, Gob, is this:

Do you talk like that in the real world, too? If so, more power to you. I bet you confuse the hell out of your peers. I can just see it now.

* Gob says something...

8:12 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Honestly, I've to admit, I often have to struggle
hard not to rhyme. It's rather an
irritating defect. ;)

7:54 AM
Blogger silas prophet reflected...

While many of your peers might find it frightful;

I happen to think the rhyming's delightful;

It's rare to meet one who's so naturally poetic;

signed: silas, the pathetic peripathetic.

11:59 AM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Gracias, dear prophet, your kind words are very welcome
Do drop by at my little bog, whenever you're feeling venturesome! :)

3:50 PM

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