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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Wednesday, August 04, 2004...

What A Smile!

At "Pluck"...

Gob smiles a smile of happiness, now that a stamp is stuck
And takes a nightly stroll to the delivery-service, "Pluck"

On its front is a calligraphed billboard, letters stencilled on a frame
Wooing the denizens with a 24-hour service,"Pluck" lives up to its name!

A bunch of gutsy toads of the Bog, handle the dispatch
In the small rickety Bog-Post-Office, its ceiling made of thatch

As Gob walks in, a croaky welcome resounds the air
Gob is their frequent visitor and quite well known there

José, the head postmaster flashes Gob a massive grin
It stretches and makes more obvious his funny double chin

"Hola Gob!, ¿Cómo es usted?", he croaks out in Spanish
"Estoy muy bien", Gob answers and sees José's eyes vanish

How does one, Gob wonders, put their whole heart into a smile?
So the whole face transforms in a stroke of joy, so very versatile!

José has one such charm out of his many, that transcend
The barriers of language and borders, they effortlessly bend

To be flashed that very charming smile, Gob had learnt the phrase
Of the language, which sounded, so full of lyrical intensity & grace

Some day, Gob wished, probably touching a life of nine decades,
To be well-versed in twenty tongues, and their varied shades