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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Saturday, September 04, 2004...


Four hundred lives snuffed out, and to what avail?
How hard it is to reach for peace, and yet fail!

Violence claws in, its vicious fangs tearing out life
Worthless has it become, in midst of such strife

Is being mortal not enough, that we quicken the coming of death?
Drag others into misery, rob them of the freedom of breath.

Even in peaceful times, guns seem to hold undeserved glamour
We must be blind indeed, for centuries we have let it enamour

Joining dots, for Gob, becomes such a deadening reminder
When, upon completing it, Gob is staring at a breechloader

When, Gob wonders, will we evolve enough to bury it forever?
The pain doesn't go away, when the truth is hidden by palaver

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