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On a Boggy Thursday, September 02, 2004...

The Apostrophe!

Gob's grammatical epiphany!

Gob's favourite game of join the dots, patiently awaits
As, in today's grammar corner, the little apostrophe baits

Teeters, the newspaper's resident epistemologist
Clears from among Apostrophes, some blurry grey mist

Till now, those tiny marks of punctuation, eluded Gob's understanding
Other diversions on Gob's time, have been rather more demanding!

Gob ponders deeply, whether one would append it after an "s" ?
Were the word not a plural, and used in case of a certain "Tess"?

Say, we were talking about Tess, would we be talking about "Tess's Dog"?
Or would we be chucking the "s" after the apostrophe, out into the wild bog?

It seems, as Teeters so lucidly points out, the "s" goes along too
It's only in the case of plurals, that one can stamp off the "s" with a shoe!

So, it would be Teeters's column and Tess's mangy dog
You would also be right if you said, you hated all the cities' smog

Thus ends a grammatical epiphany, a little confusion cleared
All learnt on the web, without a page being dog-eared!

6 Reflections :

Blogger Me reflected...

Ha! Nice entry, Gob. I must say, I learned something. I didn't have a clue as to what an epistemologist was. Thank the gods for Dictionary.com. Thanks again for the entry. It made me smile.

8:10 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Thee are welcome, dear Teeters; thy explorations have inspired me
In the quest of new knowledge and views, thee hath gifted me a secret key!

8:08 AM
Blogger anti reflected...

Last night I came here and I swear the page couldn't load, maybe you were publishing...
I have to say I can read your posts as easily as anything else. In the past I had to overload my brain; now, the understanding flows.
Habit is a hell of a thing.

9:23 AM
Blogger silas prophet reflected...

Very well stated, Gob. Your predilection for grammatical accuracy mirrors my own. Keep up the crusade, my friend.


11:48 AM
Blogger Corey reflected...


Goaf \Goaf\; n.; pl. Goafsor Goaves. [Cf. lst Gob.] (Mining) That part of a mine from which the mineral has been partially or wholly removed; the waste left in old workings; -- called also gob .

I never knew such a good poet could be a MINER!


1:21 PM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Gob in Gaelic --> Big mouth which won't shut up. ;)

3:40 PM

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