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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Wednesday, September 15, 2004...

The Dark Hour

...Engulfs Gob!

Taking up the blue scroll again, Gob hits a thought dam
It refuses to budge, even when attacked by a battering ram!

One of those excruciating times when, what Gob knows is not sufficient
When the knowledge to tackle unknown parameters, is pathetically deficient

Times, when the much touted common sense, doesn't come to one's rescue
In vain go all mental exertions; without exception, they draw a blank view

How does one go about seeking clues, when the basis itself is tottering?
Beyond reasonable understanding, all the meanings seem to be faltering

Out of depth, Gob feels, despondent and fatigued
It's a dark hour indeed when one stops feeling intrigued

Bewilderment replaces enthusiasm and ebullience takes a hit
It feels as if life has served one, a rather unjustified writ

Alas! Such times seem so long, and so terribly discomfiting
An interminable aeon spent, just cluelessly sitting

As Gob struggles to cope with this spate of ignorance
Gob's brain slowly recovers to work out a second line of defence...