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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Friday, September 24, 2004...


...To an epic

"I trust you read the daily news Gob, especially today's essay
And that you had a nice long look at the sketch that came your way?"

"Of course!", Gob replies, setting Nicholas's opening query to rest
Secretly wonders what other details, Nicholas is going to test!

With a flapping around of those great wings, Nicholas paces around
Looks troubled and makes an undecided gentle clickety sound

"Oh, where shall I start, my dear Gob, for, the tale may wear you out!"
"Young souls, I fear, take to my narratives, like the old to painful gout!"

Gob smiles a little inwardly, at this rather amusing allegory
Hastens to promise a patient hearing and set Nicholas's fears free.

Thus assured, Nicholas embarks on an epic tale of old Boglands
Spanning hundreds of centuries that have left their mark upon the sands...