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On a Boggy Saturday, September 25, 2004...

A Hiatus

Gob is called away!

Pardon me, my dear friends; for, an arduous journey is at hand
It takes Gob, far and deep into a treacherous never-never land

Gob hopes to return in a few moons, back to the boggy tale
Now, I'm afraid it's time to board the rickety raft, and set sail!

Gob wishes ye all, many merry days and cheers to y'er health
May the light flood ye, from the bright candles of literary wealth!

16 Reflections :

Blogger RomanWanderer reflected...

Stay safe Gob, and keep yer victuals down
You'll need a steady hand , aye mate,to chug back into town.

11:06 PM
Blogger Corey reflected...

Gob, be carefull on that raft-a-rickity wreck!
A-waiting we shall be, safely you to come back!

...uh or something huhuhuhuh ^_^

9:35 PM
Blogger Me reflected...

I get the feeling that Gob just said he's going on a cruise, in his own special way.

If that is the case, I am exceptionally jealous.

If, on the other hand, he really is going somewhere on an old raft, I'm exceptionally happy I'm not in his shoes. Seeing as how I can't swim, you couldn't get me within 20 feet of a wooden raft.

7:52 AM
Blogger David reflected...

See ya soon. Fare thee well.

6:58 AM
Blogger silas prophet reflected...

I pray Godspeed to you, my friend, on which journey you endeavor;
Assured that your return will be marked by rhymes quite clever.

8:41 PM
Blogger anti reflected...

the while has been in a while mate.
when will you return?

1:12 PM
Blogger Me reflected...

My thoughts exactly. When are you coming back, Gob? Hope all is well.

7:28 AM
Blogger Miguel A. Buitrago reflected...

Fare well Gob. Keep your chin up, your sight fixed on the horizon and your spirits up. Good wishes from MABB.

7:30 AM
Blogger Tinker reflected...

Gob...hope all is well. Hope you will be back soon! Take care!

1:08 PM
Blogger midguard reflected...

Hiatus' are temporary, right?

9:28 PM
Blogger Me reflected...

I'm beginning to wonder. :(

10:17 AM
Blogger Tinker reflected...

Just checking in to see if Gob ahd checked back into his blog. Not yet! Well.. I still hope all is well and you are in good health. One could read into your last post that you had a hard battle ahead....maybe illness? Well, the holiday season season is here. Christmas will he here in 2 weeks or so. I wish you the best of holidays with lots of cheer and good family and friends around. Come back soon!

5:33 PM
Blogger 1beb reflected...

Gob? Still not back yet?

11:23 PM
Blogger carlosthedwarf reflected...

Gob? Where are you?

11:27 AM
Blogger anti reflected...

Today is exactly three months since your last post.

Have a good Christmas mate.

9:07 AM
Blogger Dave reflected...

Where is Gob??

2:57 PM

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