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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Thursday, September 23, 2004...

The interview

...Takes a surprising twist!

To a maroon ottoman, in a blue roofed hall
Its back towards a splendid, fresco covered wall

Gob is ushered in by the many feathered Wiseman
A redolent breeze envelopes Gob, from a ceiling fan

From a tiny bag, Gob now carefully takes out the blue scroll
Nicholas grins, as Gob's absorbed actions appear rather droll!

But the grin turns to astonishment, as the scroll is unzipped
Eyes go very wide indeed, seeing the blue manuscript!

"Young Gob! Where did you get this relic from beyond?
For, my amazement knows no bounds, so pray respond!"

Gob is taken slightly aback at this rather intense reaction
For Gob expected wise Nicholas to be, not even surprised a fraction.

"Oh wise one", Gob warily asks, "what propels thee to such consternation?"
"Is my finding this simple scroll, some very unexpected aberration?"

The pearly feathers rustle around, as Nicholas summons up his breath
As they fall silent, Nicholas begins a tale, in a manner, as ponderous as death!