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On a Boggy Thursday, September 16, 2004...

Nicholas Wiseman

"Bog-Brain" Supreme!

So did you wonder, what do Bog souls do?
When faced with an unsolvable riddle from Peru?

Why, simple! All roads then lead, not to Rome
But somewhere much closer to Gob's boggy home

Where the eternal "Bog-Brain", Nicholas resides
Dressed up in his colourful porcupine skin hides!

His lawn, a profusion of tropical blooms
His mode of transport, a pair of retro-fitted brooms!

Reaching his porch, Gob gazes, as usual, in wonder
The wildest of imaginations are promptly torn asunder!

A pristine white shade above, made of a metalled alloy
Is overrun by a bunch of pungent flowers of soy

The floor is tiled in an exotic shade of feral violet
On each tile, is an engraving of a unique cabriolet

Each, proclaiming how well their owner is travelled
Each, a mystical culture, waiting to be unraveled

As for the porch pillars, they are august caryatids
Laid down painstakingly in supporting emerald grids

Encircled by a multi-hued Chevaux-de-frise
Lest, they get disturbed by an occasional truant breeze

If for bog-souls like Gob, Nicholas's porch itself is aweing
Will, what waits within, be straight out of a da Vinci drawing?!

3 Reflections :

Blogger anti reflected...

I've made the big time.

3:27 PM
Blogger Terrible lie reflected...

And how big are you?

2:15 PM
Blogger Tinker reflected...

That tattoo was scary! Let's hope that it was really body paint...like Demi Moore was painted up some years ago when she did the cover of.......Vanity fair?? ..I think? She looked like she had on a business suit. The suit was painted on her body but she was really naked.

7:23 PM

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