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On a Boggy Friday, September 17, 2004...

The Sapphire Bell

...At Nicholas's Door!

Gob takes a step, towards the Sky blue door
Which seems straight out of a fantastic folklore!

Eyes are arrested by an embedded sapphire gem
Exactly positioned, and sparkling with stratagem

Gob feels unconsciously attracted to its spherical charm
Is it just there as a doorbell, or to stave off some boggy harm?

Well worth trying it out, for whatever it is, Gob thinks
A powdery bluish glow emanates from its minuscule chinks

Gob quits gazing and rings the majestic sapphire jewel
A cheerful gurgle of a rivulet sounds, merged with a tinkle of a tiny bell

What a pleasant sound, which instantly touches the heart!
Makes one think of the times, when one played with a go-cart

The door opens, and there stands, 'Wisdom Incarnate Nicholas'!
Resplendent in his colourful quills and an outlandish truss!

2 Reflections :

Blogger anti reflected...

when I get that left sidebar going this will take pride of place at the top.
with your permission of course...

10:31 AM
Blogger Gob reflected...

*Impish grin*
More is yet to come, dear Anti, for thee are now one with the Bog
Prepare to be surprised to smithereens, as Nicholas continues to hog,
Many more lines in Gob's realm and many more adventures to live...
I'm not the one to grant thee anything! It's *thee* who have to give!!

12:22 PM

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