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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Sunday, September 19, 2004...

Seeking Zen...

Amongst feathers!

Gob enters a wonderland, the official Wiseman home
And fascinated, gazes up the curves, of an alabaster dome

Gob's reverie is broken, as a powerful flutter of wings
Fills the air around, with an unseen ripple of rings

Nicholas, with his shrewd eyes, watches Gob, intent
And now proceeds to say, in a sing-song accent

"So dear Gob, what brings you here, at this hour of dusk?
Have you too come seeking, some elusive fragrance of musk?"

"Oh no!", Gob replies, "I come seeking thy mighty wisdom,
So that the light of knowledge can banish my dark thralldom!"

At this, Nicholas smiles, and the feathers rustle again
Gob feels strangely comforted, and very near a fleeting zen

The melodious voice comes through once more, as if in a dream
Gob realizes that the feathers are giving out a peculiar gleam

Iridescent and pearly, they seem to have a life of their own
After all, with Nicholas, over innumerable lands have they flown

"Whatever be your quest, Gob, let's have it out over a cup of brew!"
Gob couldn't have wanted anything more, and beams over a "Thank You!"

4 Reflections :

Blogger Billy reflected...

flowing like zen...

10:03 PM
Blogger anti reflected...

you know I never said thank you..
Thank You!
The sing-song accent bit proves you have an incredible memory. That's exactly how the typical Trinidadian accent is described.

Got my email?

9:39 AM
Blogger Gob reflected...

Thee are welcome, O feathered Cygnet, of the Caribbean blue
Of course I received thy tidings; as sure as the morning dew!

9:19 AM
Blogger Gob reflected...

@Billy:Who may ye be, unknown stranger, who hath penned such kind words?
I'm as puzzled as to your visage, as I'm, by the mysteries of the surds!

10:00 AM

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