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A Gob's Eye View

On a Boggy Thursday, September 09, 2004...

A Way Out...

...Occurs to Gob

What if, Gob thinks, we come out of our daze
Make an earnest effort to clear the haze?

Make ourselves strong enough to resist
From beastly fads, consciously desist

If mindless written words or moving media corrupts
If from our thoughts, many a violent feeling erupts

Gather up our will and move determinedly away
And not come under their devastating sway

Gore may very well be an art, an entrancing one at that
But we all know, do we not, the secret of the sauce filled vat?

So why should our eyes get glazed, seeing the latest firearm?
Are we so stupid to come under its unseemly charm?

Refuse to listen to morons preaching gun laws
We all have the power to perceive its inherent flaws

If we let a few idiots have their selfish ways
We will have eternal darkness for innumerable days

To netherworlds with this violence then, may it never come back
All the vicious souls that worship it, may they fade into black

It's time to move to the next level in our evolution
Where clarity reigns, and not confabulation